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STOMP! SHOUT! SCREAM! does it better than American International Pictures ever did!  As much fun as an episode of Hullabaloo-- snappy bouffants, earnest braniacs, hippy-hippy-shake and all!" --Austin Chronicle

“A sweet can of camp, a ridiculously delightful cinematic experience.” --Film Threat

Stomp! Shout! Scream! plays like a cross between TWIN PEAKS, REPO MAN and STRANGER THAN PARADISE with a little BEACH BLANKET BINGO thrown in to keep things interesting.” --Bradenton Herald

A unique B monster movie romp that’s a lot of fun!  Edwards never seeks to spoof, but tells an actual story, with great performances, and a wonderful soundtrack. I really enjoyed this in all its demented straight faced glory.  John Waters would be proud.” --Cinema-Crazed.com

“Every element in Jay Wade Edwards’ universe is here by necessity.  See this picture for its catalogue of perfection.” --John Huff, writer/director “Cyxork 7”

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